Monday, March 2, 2009

A great book with better sequels

Years ago, a friend of mine gave me a book. His eyes burned with excitement and his hands trembled a little. "You must read this book, it is the greatest book I have ever read" he said almost out of breath. Now, whether the book affected him this greatly in truth, or it was his hypoglycemia acting up, I will never know. The outward signs of enthusiasm with which I was given the book coloured my reading of it and the book did not disappoint.
The name of the book is "Heroes Die" by Matthew Woodring Stover and the story, aside from being different than any I've ever read, contained more truth about the human condition than I have ever experienced collected in one place.
The one truth shining through others has gotten me to "that other shore" in many a seemingly hopeless situation. When something seems overwhelming, and there is no hope for victory or survival, just put your head down and inch toward daylight. You will either get there or you won't, but at least you will be doing something to stay alive.
Once you face the present storm, and see it through, I would say that is where the hard part begins. The hard part to me is the living in between the storms. Adversity doesn't scare me. In reality, it calms and focuses my will, but I grow tired of creating giant storms to give me purpose and feel alive.
I need that new and other truth to see me well amidst the lulls. What that is I am searching for now. I suspect it is wrapped up somehow in abiding love of some sort and creating things anew each day from inside.
Now, I could just be full of shit and complaining, because I only feel alive standing starkly against the rubble of what was moments before my life. I've been complicit in this occurence repeatedly. I'm changing my path and focus now. I'm goping to concentrate on living well versus survival through turmoil. It's something I can drink too, and I hope, you will also.

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