Monday, May 31, 2010

Response to a screwball comment...

I normally do not comment on entertainment news stories in the comment section online, but I was compelled to do so today. I am a fan of Doctor who and the 3 spin off shows (Torchwood, The Sara Jane Adventures, and K-9) and I was reading an entertainment news article about the upcoming season of The Sara Jane Adventures.

I am came across a rather disturbing homophobic comment about the man (Russell T Davies) who brought back the Doctor Who TV Show and started the Torchwood and The Sara Jane Adventures. The person seemed to me to be unnecessarily hateful to an actress who smoked pot when she was younger and to Russell T Davies for being gay and his "destroying" of the shows he created and brought back. This person obviously watches them, and likes them enough to read entertainment news articles about them (the shows.) I just don't understand what is wrong with this person. He (i believe the poster is male) posted a comment to a news article about the new season having an episode starring Katy Manning, an alumnus of the old Doctor Who TV Show, reprising her role as Jo Grant, some 30+ years later, and Russell T Davies writing the episode. I've reprinted it here:

"Katy Manning is way past her best and is it really wise to introduce the SJA's child audience considering she is a self-confessed dope smoker? ESPECIALLY during her time as Jo Grant.

Go away Russell T.

Ok, you revived the series and we thank you but do us all a favour now and stay away.

Oh, and keep your grubby hands off Matt; you destroyed the new Series 1 -4 with your constant references to homosexuality. Keep your private life private"

I am probably making to big a deal about this and giving this person another forum for their hate and judgemental attitude. I guess I am writing about it to try and understand better why this person found their comments helpful, salient, or necessary. If anyone can help me see this in a different light, please, feel free.

My response was:

"Oh great! Comments from the lifestyle police? Get a grip. If you ran off every writer or actor that smoked dope or is realistic about the simple truth that homosexuality is a normal part of life, you wouldn't have anyone with any talent to be in the series or write the episodes. Do the rest of us a favor and stop being scared or threatened by other people living life the way they are, and live yours quietly and away from creative television programming. We all interact 'without harm' with people who have smoked dope and/or who are homosexual every day with and without knowing it. Both are victimless situations that you have decided to make an issue out of when there is no issue at all."

I hope I am not being self righteous by reprinting all this and writing about it, but it just keeps bothering me.

As always, thank you for reading this and putting up with my writing.

Yours Loquaciously,

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